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Age & Beauty: The Reunion (2019)

Co-starring: Justin Hunt

Directed by Bree Mills

Reviewed by

(8.00 / 10)

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42 Min
Condoms: None
Overview: So imagine this. You had a hot teacher when you were younger. You grow up and do not see her for some time. Until one day, you just so happen to have an unexpected reunion which said teacher. Well, this is exactly what happens to the character Robert Parker in the episode, "The Reunion", from writer/director Bree Mills' AGE & BEAUTY, which stars the legendary Nina Hartley, and male talent Justin Hunt. With support from Casey Calvert as his wife. In this episode, Justin portrays a man who comes home after a long day's work, to discover that he has a brand new neighbor next door. Yes, the house which has stood vacant for some time, finally has a new tenant. However, much to Justin's surprise, it happens to be none other than a woman from his past. Actually, someone he is known since the third grade - his third grade teacher Ms. Fitzwilliams. His wife Casey(portrayed by Calvert) introduces him to his new neighbor, however he immediately recognizes her, and it is Fitzwilliams, who soon connects the dots for him, saying that she remembers him especially well for his habit of not turning in his homework on time. Justin is surprised with the reunion. However, not only that, he is also surprised by his former teachers' appearance, as he is instantly attracted to her, as seemingly a lot of things have changed since third grade. Justin is literally shook by this. The couple then invites the teachers to dinner, and it is during which that it appears that the attraction between them is mutual, as Fitzwilliams is seen flirting with Justin under the table. The moment of truth here occurs, when Justin is tasked with walking Fitzwilliams home. It is then when they reach her doorway, that she takes it upon herself to take the initiative and come on to her former student, giving in to the temptation that has been building all night long.

Of course the story then leads into a sexual encounter between Nina Hartley and Justin Hunt, and I have to say that it is an absolutely great one, as Hartley proves that age is nothing but a number, as they say, and that she has not missed a step. In fact here she is looking better than ever, thus proving that some women just get sexier with age. Again, I will say it. This is a really good scene, and it is mostly due to Nina commanding control over the sex. I mean her dirty talk is on point here. Yes, some of the current girls who are in the business now, are damn good at talking. However, Nina Hartley on the other hand, is on another level when it comes to dirty talk. Her dialogue during sex just reeks of both experience and expertise. Here, we hear her direct traffic as the the sex is going on. She also tells Justin exactly how she wants it, and exactly how it feels to her. It is without a doubt sexy as hell to witness. I actually couldn't believe just how sexy this woman still is, after being in the business since 1982. I was born in 1982, and this woman blows me away with her enthusiasm, her dialogue, as well as her sexual prowess. It is matched by few, that's for sure. So overall, this is a very well-rounded effort in terms of performance, as the two performers give us a really passionate scene. In turn, technically the scene itself, looks and sounds great, with a classic look and feel about it. Someone in the member comments on the website, compared the look to the 1960s film THE GRADUATE, starring Dustin Hoffman, and come to think of it, I could not agree more. In fact, I would not be surprised, if said film was a bit of an inspiration for this one. I mean, also Justin's character as well, wears a pair of glasses just like Hoffman in the graduate. Well anyway, "The Reunion" is an episode that is a very nice package altogether. We have a nice, and well acted, progressive story, coupled with a high-energy sexual performance from two performers who seemed to be well into things. While I can't say that I am impressed with Nina Hartley. Because after all, she is Nina Hartley - she's been impressing people for 36 years. Here, she just does it again. What a great scene, with with unparalleled enthusiasm, and sexual vigor. When it comes to my recommendation, I do definitely recommend this scene for your viewing pleasure.
Cast: (with Justin Hunt)
Rating: 8.00/10
Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy
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In this episode of AGE & BEAUTY Robert "Bobby" Parker gets a surprise after a long day at work. When Robert drives up in the driveway he notices that his wife is talking to an older woman from afar. He is on his way inside, when his wife calls him over to introduce the mysterious woman to him. It is only after a few moments however, that Robert comes to realize that this woman is no stranger to him and all. In fact, the woman happens to be someone from his distant past. Robert identifies her as Ms. Fitzwilliams, his third grade teacher. However, at present, Ms. Fitzwilliams, just so happens to be the one who has finally rented out the Patinson's house next door - Yes, she is the Parker's new neighbor. As Casey welcomes the woman inside, Robert stands in shock and awe of his former teacher's aged beauty, and divine presence. We are the tale to a dinner scene, as the Parkers have invited Fitzwilliams over for dinner and conversation. The conversation mostly consisting the ins and outs of Robert and Casey's 5 and a half year relationship, from their meeting, to their subsequent proposal and marriage. After the dinner, the three of them talk about a few of Robert's misadventures as a third grader, including his many excuses for lost homework, before Ms. Fitzwilliams looks to show herself out. This is when Casey insists that Robert walk her home. When they reach her door, Robert explains that with she living next door, she is welcome over for dinner....for anything. This is when the woman takes the "anything" literally, as she drags Robert inside by his tie, despite his hesitation.

It's from there, that the two exchange passionate kisses, as Nina is pressed against the wall. She the leads Justin into the bedroom. She sits on the bed, and then removes her bra. Next she is fully nude, as Justin straddles her, and the two kiss passionately. It is then that Nina goes on to suck Justin's cock with skill, prior to wanting him on his back, as she continues to go to work. In character, she then says that she has been waiting for this, as she climbs on to ride the cock in cowgirl. It is from this position that we see both, Nina bouncing on the cock, as well as Justin driving his cock in steadily, as the experienced Nina is very pleased. It's then to missionary after. Justin continues to go deep, before pulling out to tease Nina's clit with his cock, this before resuming things. Next however is doggy, as we see Justin continue, with an increasing pace. It's after that Nina again sucks cock, then Nina rides in reverse cowgirl, as we see Nina bounce and grind hard on the dick. This, prior to things reversing to standard cowgirl, where we see Nina eventually fucked hard and fast by the younger Justin. Next up, is also a return to missionary, as Nina is again on her back. Things here begin steadily, until Justin soon picks up the pace, as she tells him to "bring it home". She tells him to think dirty thoughts. This as he eventually improves his pace to a faster and harder one, until he must cum. It's then that Justin pulls out to shoot his hot load onto Nina's stomach. It is then that in story, Ms Fitzwilliams, sends little Bobby Parker on his way, and back home to his wife next door.